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Hendrick's Gin

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Hendrick's needs little introduction, but we'll give you a brief overview, nonetheless. Distilled by Leslie Gracie up in Scotland, the gin was perhaps the first weirdo on the scene and definitely the product that put Gin back in the spotlight, transforming it from the granny's drink of choice to hipster favourite. It is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste, too, so there's little wonder it's a world beater.

With cucumber and rose starring in the line-up, the gin is a fresh, floral explosion that stands apart even today, although more as a benchmark of quality than of strangeness. Yes, when it launched in 2000 it was unique, but given the landscape of glitter that surrounds us now, Hendrick's though juniper-light compared to some, is a gin that even the most straight laced of drinkers can get on board with.

It is safe to assume that a spirit inspired by a cucumber sandwich is bound to positively sing the vegetable's song, but rather than leading with a dark green, vegetal taste, the cucumber is soft and fresh, providing a mouth-watering crispness, while waxy citrus coats the tongue. The rose is sweet and soft, and fans of a floral explosion would do well to coax it out with a rosebud of two.